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Videos Pro Tips from Mike Reynolds and Lowrance’s Ken Sauret

We had the opportunity to attend the Ultimate Bass Radio Pardee Lake / Jackson Rancheria Casino Media Days this past weekend and got to spend some time with Ken Sauret from the Lowrance Pro Staff and former Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour Pro Mike Reynolds on beautiful Pardee Lake. Sauret gave us some great […]

Video – Informative Fisherman – Winter Delta with Ish Monroe

Once again, our friend Nick Smith, the Informative Fisherman, has shared one of his episodes from the California Delta.  This time, Nick’s guest is Ish Monroe, one of the busiest anglers in the world. Monroe gives some insights to winter fishing as a whole and the two talk about how to improve practice fishing or […]

Using Kermit on Bedded Bass with Dean Rojas

by Dan O’Sullivan If you are a tournament angler, you’ve no doubt experienced the rapid deterioration in patterns that a weather change can cause. Whether you are tossing reaction baits with wind and the conditions slick off and your reaction bites dies, or you’ve had stable, warm conditions and a front blows into town; difficulties […]

Advanced How-to – Sightfishing Primer

by Dan O’Sullivan I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite times of the year to fish. Sure, the springtime bite can always be good when it comes to catching fish. However, the moment that the bass’ attention turns to spawning, I must admit getting a little turned on myself. No, […]

Video Pro Tip – Fishing for Bedding Smallmouth with Paul Mueller

After the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, we talked to second place finisher Paul Mueller about running some of the excellent instructional videos he produces on the lakes near his home in Connecticut.  A full-time guide and tournament angler, Mueller knows his stuff and presents it in an easy to follow and entertaining fashion. Today, we take […]

Advanced How-to – Bass Boating 101 with Kent Brown

One of the most exciting parts of being a bass angler is getting your first bass boat.  One of the other most exciting times is when you sell it and get your next one; and the trend continues.  The thrill of operating a high powered bass boat can be exhilarating, in fact, there sometimes can […]

Video – SPRO, Sunline Gamakatsu Pro Tips

Our favorite events each year are the media events that we get to attend.  One of our overall favorites are the SPRO, SUNLINE, Gamakatsu events that we’ve attended for the past several years. The teams these companies have assembled are some of the best in the business, and they work hard to deliver some great […]

Swimmin’ Worms with Billy McDonald

by Dan O’Sullivan A professional angler knows that one component of their procedures creates more opportunities to catch bass. That would be the need to cover water. The more water an angler can cover efficiently presents the lure to more bass, and by doing that, an angler can greatly increase their chances of getting strikes. […]

About a Friend – an Advanced Angler Retrospective

by Dan O’Sullivan I’ve learned a lot about friends lately. I’ve had people step up for me and seen people step up for others in this industry lately that has filled my heart pretty full. This game is competitive, no matter what side of it you are on. Anglers compete for everything, websites compete for […]

Thursday Throwback – Kevin VanDam – Living Legend

Once again, we take a step back in time with our own Throwback Thursday look at one of Advanced Angler’s managing editor, Dan O’Sullivan’s most beloved columns.  His Legends of the Sport features from his days as Field Editor of Bass West USA Magazine remain some of the favorite he’s written throughout his career.  He […]

Video – Spring Transition with the Informative Fisherman

At Advanced Angler, we love to learn more about fishing, and we tend to focus on the pros because they are the biggest wealth of information of fishing tips.   Well, there are a whole group of professional anglers out there who rarely get mentioned in national press because they don’t compete on the big circuits, […]

Baby Come Back! – Comeback Baits with Cliff Crochet

by Dan O’Sullivan One of the more frustrating occurrences in bass fishing is working really hard for that bite you need, only to miss the fish, or have the fish short strike you. While many people tend towards showing their frustration and stomping around the boat while exclaiming some choice words; there is another tact […]

Video – Under the Lid with Casey Scanlon – 2014 edition

Under the Lid is one of our favorite features on Advanced angler, and we love to see how the pros’ setups evolve – even from year to year. We first ran an episode with Casey Scanlon last year, but when he offered to film another one for us, we jumped at the chance.  Scanlon walks […]

Video – Pro Team Journal Rewind – James Niggemeyer on Lake Fork

One of our favorite features each month is our Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind episodes.  Each time we run one, we get to re-experience the learning and entertainment that each episode provides its viewers. This time, we re-visit a 2012 episode with Bassmaster Elite Series pro James Niggemeyer from Van, Tex. as he puts […]

Advanced How-to – Understanding Gear Ratios in Casting Reels

by Dan O’Sullivan Does reel selection drive you nuts?  If so, there’s good reason.  One of the more complicated components of fishing anymore is deciding which reel to use.  We have a few brands around here in the Advanced Angler collection, and they are all top quality products.  Each brand has a variety of models […]

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