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We Love to Fish 2014 – Mid Year Update

by Rob Lever – Director of We Love to Fish Having a mission to find that perfect day on the water for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities is not always easy.   When I started We Love to Fish three years ago I knew that I wanted to share my passion with others, and it […]

Advanced Angler’s Under the Lid with Brandon Lester

Every time we get the chance to visit with one of the big league pro anglers and tour their boats, we have to admit that we get a little excited. Our Under the Lid videos are a fan favorite, as well as the favorite of all of us here at Advanced Angler. Today we get […]

Three Ways to Catch Bass in the Dog Days

by Lynn Burkhead I guess I should be honest from the start. Honest about the fact that the months of July and August – every triple digit doggone day – are far from being my favorite stops on the annual run through the calendar. Once upon a time, I used to shy away from fishing […]

Night Fishing in Summertime

by Mitch Ballard It’s a great way to beat the heat, competition and personal watercraft. Night fishing during the summer also adds elements of risk, fear, bugs, snakes and humor but mostly it’s an opportunity to catch really large bass which haven’t ventured into shallow water since the early spring spawning ritual. My earliest recollection […]

Advanced Angler’s 2014 ICAST Best of Show

One of our favorite stories each year is our own “ICAST Best of Show Awards.” Each year, the media and buyers are asked to vote on the products that they feel deserve awards as the best items in their categories. The one problem with these awards is that the media and industry attendees are asked […]

Flippin’ Out for Big Summertime Bass

by Lynn Burkhead Now that the Fourth of July has come and gone, the heat is on in many parts of bass country. From South Carolina to Texas and a whole lot of places in-between, the dog days of summer are rapidly approaching. In many areas, the thermometer is well into the 90s, the heat […]

Throwback Thursday – Al Lindner – Living Legend

Today we continue our look back at some of the pioneers of the sport with our Throwback Thursday visit with Dan O’Sullivan’s Legends of the Sport pieces from his days at Bass West USA magazine.  Today we take a look at another one of those anglers who made the successful transition from competitive angler to […]

Show ‘em Something Different with Jonathon VanDam

by Dan O’Sullivan One thing we know to be true about bass is that they will strike at something out of curiosity.  Show a bass something completely different or new, and you’re liable to get a strike. It may often be often a tentative nibble as opposed to a violent, aggression response, but, a bite […]

Advanced Install – Boat Install with Corey Fenske of Sticky Graphics

One of our favorite things to do is provide the viewers of Advanced Angler videos to help you take care of your fishing gear a little better, install a new device, or repair something.  usually, our Managing Editor, Dan O’Sullivan is the one doing the work, but today is a little different. Today, DanO gets […]

Five Things I’ve Learned from the Pros – Alan Clemons

by Alan Clemons – Special to Advanced Angler Over the last 20 years or so I’ve been fortunate enough to jump in the boat with some of the top pro anglers on the Bassmaster and FLW tours at writer’s events and tournaments, the latter of which obviously is more high-intensity and offers greater insight to […]

Living Legend – Ray Scott – a Thursday Throwback

In 2009 and 2010, our managing editor, Dan O’Sullivan was the field editor for Bass West USA Magazine.  He was given the opportunity to do a series of articles celebrating true legends in the sport of bass fishing.  As a Throwback Thursday column, let’s take a look back at the career of Ray Scott, the […]

Crank Up the Heat in Summer

by Zak Elrite – Northern California Guide and Tournament Angler The dog days of summer are upon us and we aren’t the only ones who feel it. The bass in your favorite lake or reservoir can feel the heat and they are adjusting to it, but are you adjusting too? Cranking is one the most […]

Advanced Install – TH Marine KVD Two Way Boat Alarm

Have you ever been on a fishing trip and felt like you needed just a little bit more security for your boat and the equipment in it and on it? TH Marine, the marine accessory and OEM company out of Huntsville, Ala. has a line of products that are intended to help keep your pride […]

Advanced How-to – Using the Power Pole Drift Paddles

A little more than a week ago, we showed you how to install the Drift Paddles to the Power Pole Sportsman II’s mounted on the back of the Advanced Angler Skeeter.  We showed you the ease of installation and a little about how to adjust them for driving on the water and controlling your drift. […]

Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind – Trolling Crappie Cranks

We love to take a moment to revisit some of the past episodes of Strike King’s Pro Team Journal show.  We’ve seen their pro staff put on some amazing displays of fish catching over the years, and we’re grateful that they share them with us here on Advanced Angler.  Not only is each episode is […]

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