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Brandon Card Talks Covering Your Boat

by TJ Maglio Bass fisherman are some of the most dedicated and hardworking anglers in fresh water. We are like the post office, out there come rain, wind, and even sometimes snow. We also tend to do a lot of traveling, especially tournament fisherman. These factors combined make our boats especially vulnerable to harm from […]

Advanced Angler’s Under the Lid with Carl Jocumsen

Once again, it’s time for us to venture into the underbelly of bass fishing, the place where all of the business happens. It’s time to go Under the Lid with a professional angler. In this episode, we get the chance to dig into the Skeeter / Yamaha of Australian native Carl Jocumsen, a professional angler […]

Video Pro Tip – Brandon Lester on Targeting Shallow Summer Bluegill Eaters

We love learning anything about fishing, but when it comes from the pros in one of our video pro tips, it makes it even better. Today, we connect with Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie about going against the grain and fishing shallow in summer when the bulk of anglers go deep.

Informative Fisherman on the Delta with Mark Lassagne of Bass Angler Magazine

We love the bass fishing episodes of the Informative Fisherman, and thanks to our friendship with Nick Smith, the Informative Fisherman himself, we get to share past episodes of the show with you right here on the pages of Advanced Angler. In today’s episode, Smith fishes the California Delta with another friend of Advanced Angler, […]

A Year without a Santa Claus

by Dan O’Sullivan In case any of us missed it over the weekend, the earth shook. No, I’m not talking about the 6.0 Richter Scale earthquake that hit in the Northern California Bay Area, I’m talking about the much larger version that struck the bass fishing world in the state of New York on Saturday. […]

Greg Hackney – Running Into Great Ones

by Dan O’Sullivan In case you haven’t paid attention, Greg Hackney is about to enter an exclusive group. If the Gonzales, La. pro can finish as strong tomorrow as he did today, he will would have an inside shot at winning the 2015 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year title. If the season were to […]

The Informative Fisherman – Clear Lake with Paul Bailey

Our friend Nick Smith, The Informative Fisherman spent a day on Clear Lake with another friend of Advanced Angler, Paul bailey of the “Big Bait Posse” fame and the two of them came up with an episode of The Informative Fisherman to remember. Bailey and Smith treat us all to multiple fish caught on everything […]

See I Told You – Size Does Matter

by Dan O’Sullivan I have been preaching this to friends in the South for years – Size Matters! I would tell them that they needed to jump on the big bait bandwagon. But, not too many of them would believe me fully. They would test the water with five-inch hollow swimbaits like the Strike King […]

Musings about Bass Fishing

by Dan O’Sullivan I haven’t done anything like this in a while, so, I think I will. There is a lot to be excited about in bass fishing right now, and I for one am really jacked up about it. Of course, I’m always keen on the sport, but there are times that it feels […]

Carolina Rigging – Choosing the Right Rod – a Denali Rods Feature

The team at Denali Rods not only manufactures some of the finest rods on the market, but they do a great job educating the end user about the quality of their goods and just fishing in general.  Their series on selecting the right rod has been solid reading, and while they focus on specific Denali […]

Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind – Kevin VanDam Rocks Table Rock

Time for another look see at some of our favorite features, the Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewinds from the 2012 season. In this episode we crank it up with KevinVanDam as he uses his trademark blow and go shallow crankbait methods on “the Rock,” Missouri’s famous bass impoundment. Enjoy,

Pro Tip Videos – Spooling Line the Ish Monroe Way

In the days of fluorocarbon fishing line, one of the biggest issues anglers are faced with is line twist. That pesky problem that can cause a wad of line to jump off of the spool during a cast off of a spinning reel can also cause line to become weak or brittle. Today, Bassmaster Elite […]

Improve Your Frogging this Summer

by Zak Elrite – Northern California Guide and Tournament Angler The summer heat is in full swing and it’s only going to get hotter. Hopefully by this time, you’ve taken advantage of the heat and caught your fair share of topwater fish. But, if you haven’t, then this article is for you. Let’s talk about […]

Kevin VanDam’s Summer Selections for Deep Water

by Jay Kumar of Bass Gold and Bass Blaster Kevin VanDam finished second at this year’s Bassmaster Elite Series event on Chickamauga Lake in Tennessee, and he did it by having about a dozen different baits tied on and ready to fish. That sounds odd for a guy known to be able to zero-in quickly […]

Tips for Fishing on a Tight Budget

After spending a week moving our family and business across the country, I can now relate to the expenses that high level anglers put out traveling the country.  The rental truck we procured for moving our stuff was projected to get as much as 10 miles per gallon, but in actuality, probably got closer to […]

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