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Privacy Policy

Advanced Angler will not sell any list or information to any third party and any information provided to us for membership etc is kept in confidence and will not be disclosed without permission from disclosing party.

The information that Advanced Angler receives:

Info the Reader Provides — AdvancedAngler.com visitors may provide information to us. It is our policy at AdvancedAngler.com that we may collect and store information, personal or otherwise, that users voluntarily supply to the site, via e-mail, contest entry or in any other way. Examples of ways readers supply information to AdvancedAngler.com includes but is not limited to (such as name or e-mail address) occur when users register for Fantasy Fishing or other contests, and questions users submit to the site. If a user declines to supply or provide AdvancedAngler.com with certain information, AdvancedAngler.com may determine that information provided is inadequate for response or provision of service.

Automated Collection of data — AdvancedAngler.com also collects and stores information that is generated as users navigate through the site to include cookies and proxy addresses.

Information from Partners — AdvancedAngler.com may also obtain information about users from third parties or other sources and may combine the information that AdvancedAngler.com receives from them with information AdvancedAngler.com has already obtained from membership groups, organizations or affiliated clubs.

AdvancedAngler.com uses the aforementioned information to enhance feature richness and advertising capability to provide readers with a better experience . In addition, AdvancedAngler.com may also provide third parties with information about visitors that will better target partnerships or services to specific types of visitors.

Therefore, AdvancedAngler.com reserves the right to use and to disclose to third parties all of the information that is collected about users and other visitors in any way and for any purpose. There is one exception to that policy. AdvancedAngler.com will not allow any third party to use that information for direct mail or marketing without user consent. If user chooses to receive these promotional offers, then the user’s information may be used for direct mail or e-mail marketing.

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