Brandon Card – Protecting Your Boat On and Off the Water

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Brandon Card Protecting Your InvestmentBass boats are the biggest single investment a serious angler will make at one shot. When I chose Triton Boats upon making the Bassmaster Elite Series I looked at their resale value in addition to all their on-the-water features and advancements. I also do a couple things to make sure I protect that investment; cover it as often as possible with a cover from Empire Covers ( and insure it with Boater’s Insurance Agency (

Covering my boat protects me from four main threats to its cleanliness and long-term value.

1 – Precipitation (hard to the carpet)

2 – Sunlight (also hard on the carpet)

3 – Road grime (hard on everything)

4 – Thieves (they will choose an uncovered boat over a covered one more often than not)

Empire offers several varieties of cover for various boater needs. Some are better for trailering compared to others for winter storage. Boaters can select the cover that best suits their needs online at I think you’ll find they not only offer great protection but also save you hundreds of dollars at checkout. Empire Covers are only sold online which allows them to offer direct-to-consumer pricing.

Boat insurance is an often-overlooked part of tournament fishing that is really important to both your piece of mind and wallet. Research boat insurance companies before you make your decision. The biggest question you need to ask is whether or not you’re actually covered for tournament fishing. Read the fine print on your existing policy to see if you’re covered for going over 55 miles per hour in your boat and if you’re covered if you fish tournaments as part of your living. A lot of companies don’t provide the coverage you really need for tournament fishing beyond weekend warrior status.

In addition to covering you for tournament fishing, Boater’s Insurance also offers several key benefits including;

  1. Replacement coverage
  2. $0 deductible
  3. Unlimited Towing
  4. $10,000 Personal Effects
  5. Agreed Value Coverage on trailer
  6. 10 years no depreciation not the motor
  7. Tournament fee reimbursement
  8. No surcharge for horsepower
  9. Fast track claims service

I highly suggest you take a look at the coverage options from Empire Covers by visiting their site and the coverage options from Boater’s Insurance by giving them a call at (800) 344-7488 and let them know Brandon Card sent you.

If you have any questions you want to ask me personally hit me up on or through my website at