Dynamic – What Jacob Wheeler Loves on Valentine’s Day

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Jacob Wheeler’s Valentine’s Day Loves – photo courtesy of Dynamic Sponsorships

Saint Valentine was from Rome, and was known as a pro at courtly love. While Jacob Wheeler is from Indianapolis, and is known as one of the most accomplished pro anglers under the age of 30 to ever make a cast. Wheeler is also a brand new dad, and a guy who just generally loves life, and he was gracious enough to talk about all the things he loves most in life during a short Q & A interview on Valentine’s Day.

Q: Tell us how and where you met your wife Alicia.

JW: She’s originally from Erie, PA, but I met her through a buddy of mine named Mitch who is about to marry Alicia’s close friend. They were all in Columbus, OH, when we met. We’ve been married about 17 months.

Q: The two of you became brand new parents three weeks ago. What do you love most about being a father?

JW: I love the brand new perspective on life our baby Olivia gives me. I feel like she gives me a whole new purpose in life – because I know she is completely dependent on me. And I also love seeing the joy she brings my wife.

Q: What single fishing pattern and place do you love most in late February or early March?

JW: I’d probably choose Lake Hartwell, SC this time of year. I love fishing for bass that are grouped up in those underwater ditches that are 30 to 40-feet deep with an underhead spinner or small swimbait tied to 10-pound Sufix fluorocarbon.

 Q: What TV show do you love most?

JW: I’ll give you two: Friends and Andy Griffith.

Q: What music do you love most?

JW: Mostly a mix of country, like Chase Rice, and hip hop, like Bazanji

Q: What meal do you love most?

JW: That’s easy! Sushi! I could eat sushi 6 days a week. Alicia and I had incredibly fresh sushi in Cabo, but we also love to hit a place called Naked Tchopstix in my hometown of Indy. 

Q: What features of your Toyota Tundra do you love most?

JW:  I love the massive inside storage space the huge back seat on my CrewMax offers, plus the towing power of a Tundra is insane, and the dependability you get with a Toyota is second to none.

Q: How do you love to spend time at home in East Tennessee on a rare weekend off?

JW: It’s changed a lot recently with the birth of Olivia, but Alicia and I love to fish together on Chickamauga Lake, and grab some buffalo shrimp to eat at Arie’s restaurant. 

Q: Last question, what two lures would you say you love to fish with the most?

JW: I’m a buzzbait fanatic, and it’s hard to beat a Rapala DT6 just about anywhere you go.