Lew’s Video Pro Tip – Heavy Cover Tips and Gear with Glenn Browne

Bucks Falcon Mercury

Glenn Browne is a Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Ocala, Fla.

As you can imagine, Browne is extremely strong around matted grass.

Here, in our latest Lew’s Video Pro Tip, he provides us an in-depth look at his Lew’s gear, and bait selections for matted grass, and gives us some tips for selecting the right areas of the grass to target when Flippin’ heavy cover.

Glenn Browne's Lew's for Punching Matted Grass - BB1 Pro and Tem Lew's 7-10 Heavy action

Glenn Browne’s Lew’s for Punching Matted Grass – BB1 Pro and Tem Lew’s 7-10 Heavy action

BB1 Pro and Team Lew’s Flippin’ Rod Specs

PS1SHZL* 9+1 6.5 160/12 7.1:1 31″
Flipping TL710HFC H F 7’10” 14-30 1/2-2