Video – A Massole Road Trip – Late for Livingston Lures

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Massole Backing His Boat

Massole Backing His Boat at Oneida Shores

While he may be slightly annoying to some (only slightly)  Massole; our “lovable” character from South Boston has once again provided us some entertainment with his latest adventure.

A few weeks ago, Advanced angler was at Oneida lake for the Livingston Lures Fish with a Pro Day, where four individuals won a trip to go fishing with the Livingston Lures pros Brent Chapman, Hank Cherry, Jeff Kriet and Randy Howell.  Advanced Angler was there to support our fine partner with photography and video of the event.  we had a great time, the anglers all caught fish from Oneida lake and had a great time getting to know the Livingston Lures team.

Massole Loves His Cheese - Especially Havahtee

A Massole Distracted – He Loves His Cheese – Especially Havahtee

For some reason, Massole thought that he was one of the winners, and for some other odd reason, he though the trip was last weekend.  We are still trying to figure out how he considered himself one of the winners, and why he thought the event was three weeks later than it was.  We believe that a copious amount of Sam Adams might have something to do with it.

While we kind of felt bad about it; we really didn’t have the heart to tell him how off base he was, and instead asked if he wanted to document his trip for us all here on the pages of Advanced angler.  Because, after all, you never really know what could happen if Massole has a camera pointed at him.

So, here is Massole’s Road Trip – Late for Livingston Lures Fish with a Pro Day.