Video – Behind the Scenes at Duckett Fishing

Bucks Falcon Mercury

We love getting the chance to tour the offices, factories and operations of the companies that drive the industry.  We also love being able to bring you, the visitors of Advanced Angler the chance to see all of the Behind the Scenes views we can bring you.

Recently, while attending the Bassmaster Classic in Guntersville, Ala., we got the chance to visit with Boyd Duckett and his crew at Duckett Fishing.  Duckett took us on a tour of the offices, introduced us to everyone that runs Duckeet Fishing, and showed us some new things coming for the brand.

Duckett is one of those businessmen who prides himself on doing things the right way, delivering the highest quality product and taking care of the consumers and the industry as a whole.  So, take a few minutes and meet the people who brought us the original white fishing rods; those folks at Duckett Fishing.