Video Pro Tip – Close Quarters Poppers with Brad Knight

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The Setup for Tight Quarters Poppers - photo by Dan O'Sullivan

The Setup for Tight Quarters Poppers – photo by Dan O’Sullivan

In most areas of the country, it’s now the postspawn, and that creates a unique set of circumstances for anglers across the country.  In a time period where the bass have not quite gone all the way to their summer haunts, but are also not exactly in a true feeding mode; what should an angler do?

FLW Tour Pro Brad Knight, the 2015 Forrest Wood Cup Champion showed us a trick for making these postspawn fish bite using the Strike King KVD Splash topwater bait.  His approach is more akin to Flippin’ than throwing a topwater bait, and you just have to see the kinds of places he presents this lure in.  The Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Rod and Team Lew’s Lite Reel play a huge role in his presentation as well.

Enjoy this video pro tip filmed on Wilson Lake at the T-H Marine FLW Team Media Event following the 2016 FLW Tour event at Pickwick Lake.