New Plano Umbrella Rig Stow Pack

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Plano, Ill – One fish, two fish, three fish more… And sometimes reeled in all at one time! There’s no doubting anglers have embraced the Alabama Rig as more than just a here-today-gone-tomorrow technique. Just a single cast where shad or shiners are the forage of choice is all it takes to prove this multi-hook mechanism can cause quite a commotion of flopping fish.

And now the mega-armed device-which started out as, and is still today, a go-to saltwater rig- is being employed by bass-heads and walleye-wizards. (Yes, even walleye guys are ‘Bama-rigging to catch fish from precarious places in northern waterways. And word is that Great Lakes anglers are trolling-up lake trout with the spidery contraptions, too.)

Obviously, there’s no problem fooling fish of all species with the Alabama Rig. There is a downer, though? Storage. Keeping them out from under foot and free-from-tangles for a moment’s notice cast is virtually impossible.

Well, up ’till now.

Introducing Plano’s newest creation: the Alabama Rig Wrap – a durable soft-sided satchel that measures 14- by 8.5-inches, and folds into a half-inch thick wallet holding up to six fully assembled Alabama Rigs. It fits neatly in a boat’s glove box or dry storage, and even sits tight in a Plano Lumbar Pack for anglers hoofing it while casting along a shoreline.

“Any time you can go with a wrap you’re better off,” says bass tournament pro and Plano-man Mark Rose. “The new Alabama Rig Wrap doesn’t take up much room and it stores a ton of rigs.”

Whether you’re used to attacks on umbrella rigs or are thinking of giving them a first-time go, make sure to store ’em rigged, ready and tangle free with the new Alabama Rig Wrap from Plano.

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