Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Campaign

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

Brooklyn Center, MN – Wildlife Forever is pleased to announce exciting new developments with the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! campaign. Launching recently are an e-Newsletter, Facebook page, and monthly featured Partners in Action spotlight. The newsletter, “Protect Your Waters,” aims to keep the public updated monthly on the SAH! campaign’s progress. SAH! is looking for partners with compelling stories to become Partners in Action – groups and people around the country who are leading the fight against invasive species.”Every recreational user can help keep invasive species out of our waters, and we want to share the stories of the leaders in that fight,” said Doug Grann, Wildlife Forever, CEO. Invasive species affect lake associations, fishing groups, boating clubs, and every recreational user. Groups and individuals enjoying America’s waters are on the front lines against invaders. Step into the spotlight in the Partners in Action showcase, updated monthly and featured in the e-newsletter. It’s easier than ever to learn about and connect with others fighting invasive species.

Facebook will help grow opportunities for anyone to share their successes in stopping invasive species all across the country. Share photographs, link to local stories, and catch up with the SAH! campaign’s efforts to spread the word about aquatic hitchhikers. The more stories SAH! collects, the more people engage with and understand the importance of keeping America’s waters clean and healthy. One “like” can turn into hundreds, and hundreds make a huge difference.

Sign up for the e-Newsletter today, connect with Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers on Facebook, and check out the new Partners in Action spotlight. America’s waters need everyone’s help. Join Wildlife Forever in stopping the spread of invasive species using new, effective tools.