Timmy Horton Heads Profound Outdoors Tackle Co.

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. — A new company founded by professional angler and outdoors television personality Timmy Horton is making waves in the bass fishing world.
The company, Profound Outdoors, produces and markets lures designed by some of the top anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Outdoors tours.

The high-end, affordably priced baits, are sold by anglers and entrepreneurs who are members of the Profound Outdoors Team.

“Profound Outdoors is a team that connects the grassroots anglers and fans with the top pros,” Horton said. “The pros design our lures based on their experience. The grassroots anglers and fans sell the lures. We are the first company to integrate direct sales into the distribution of professional-quality fishing baits.”

Horton, of Muscle Shoals, said the concept for Profound Outdoors came to him as he practiced for a Professional Anglers Association tournament on Table Rock Lake on the Missouri-Arkansas border.

“As I began thinking about how the company would operate, I became so excited that I had to stop practicing and head for the shore so I could start writing our businesses plan. It’s a powerful plan,” Horton said. “When I began sharing my idea with other pro anglers, they were eager to become part of the Profound Outdoors team and help us design our baits.”

The Profound Outdoors Pro Team includes pro anglers Boyd Duckett, Edwin Evers, Randy Haynes, Kelley Jordon, Gary Klein, Aaron Martens, Cliff Pace, Matt Reed and former Dallas Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh, an avid angler.

“All of our guys are what I call tinkerers. They are constantly experimenting with lures and looking for ways to make them catch more fish,” Horton said. “Our products are made the way the pro who designed it wanted it to be made. It has the same hooks, hardware and materials the pro wanted it to have. We do not take the designs of our pros and then cheapen them down so they are less expensive to produce. When you buy Profound Outdoors products, they are the exact same lures that the pros are using.”

The company’s products will range from jigs and spinnerbaits to soft plastics and hard baits.

Horton said Profound Outdoors takes pride in its customer service. “It’s important to understand the customer. Our customer is every bit as passionate about our sport as we, the pros,” Horton said. “They are the heartbeat of what makes our sport work. This is a concept that allows us to work closely with them on the same team, allowing the customer to also grow within the business.”

Horton said anglers can purchase Profound Outdoors products at wholesale prices and resale them or just take advantage of the low prices for adding high-end baits to their personal tackle supply. “It’s entirely up to the team member,” Horton said. “They can sell the lures part-time or use them to start a fulltime business or they can just buy them for their own use.”

Horton said collegiate fishing teams can sell Profound Outdoors products to raise money for team activities.

“This is big time for the fans, the weekend anglers and the pros alike,” Horton said.

More details about Profound Outdoors products and how to become a member of its team will be available soon at profoundoutdoors.com.