A Valentine for a Bass Angler by Dan O’Sullivan

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AdvancedAnglerBlogWhy is Valentine’s Day just for women? That implies that men (and by men I mean bass fishermen) don’t have any heart. I resent that; after all I’m a romantic kind of guy. I can’t do anything about the fact the biggest tournament of year just happens to fall on Valentine’s Day week.

Shouldn’t the fact that I got married on Valentine’s Day count for something? if I wasn’t a romantic would I be driving across the country on Valentine’s day for our 14th wedding anniversary for 14 hours across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas just to take my wife to the Bassmaster Classic? I think not, that’s as romantic a time as I can think of.

Since the world seems to think that Valentine’s Day is just for the women, let’s set the record straight and give you wives and girlfriends some good ideas to do for your man on this special day.
You could go the easy route and get him a gift card. There are several excellent options; Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Academy, Tackle Warehouse, Monster Fishing Tackle – any of them would do. However, they are a little less than creative.

If you wanted to be really romantic, try decorating his boat. Most bass boats have 2 pedestal seats, those are excellent places for streamers or you could use some of his braided line and hang fishing lures off of them. In keeping with the Valentine’s theme, it’s probably best to use Rayburn Red crankbaits, bubble gum colored soft plastics and pearl white spinnerbaits. Of course you’d want to buy all that stuff new because he’s actually getting a present that way. If you use his tackle from his boat, you’re just making a mess and he won’t be happy with that.

Decorate yourself. Any one of the manufacturers of fishing jerseys would be more than happy to create a custom Valentine’s themed jersey for the women. I’m sure Brad at Gemini has always been longing to create a jersey with red, pink, and white heart as a background. Of course don’t forget to put your man’s name on the sleeve and his logo over your heart.

As far as perfume goes there are many good fragrances out there; choose your poison. My personal favorites are craw garlic, rainbow trout and shad. You could always choose PowerBait gulp spray which is supposed to have natural feeding stimulants in it. I prefer the solid sticks that BioEdge Fishing makes, they make for easier application, and stay put.

If you really want to do wonders for your relationship try reading something romantic to him. Bassmaster magazine, FLW magazine, In Fisherman, Bass West USA or any other number of publications would be perfect for some quality time.
Anyway, that’s a few tips to help make Valentine’s Day a little more special. The word “Bling” to you means diamonds; to him it means that new shiny metal on a reel, rod or a lure. Just remember, the way to a bass angler’s heart is a giant bass, so give him something to help him catch that female with green lips and well rounded dorsals.