Tony Coatney – Falcon Lake Report

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TonyCoatneyGrandFishingHeaderHello everyone first off, let me introduce myself to you all.  I am a full time guide on Grand Lake Oklahoma during the summer and Falcon Lake Texas during the winter. I just got home from Falcon it was a up and down year I got there in November and just left march 15th,

Falcon Lake with the water low and the cold water temps made it a lot tougher this year compared to last year, this year the water was rising all winter and after they started spawned the first round the first full moon the end of January, the water kept rising and they never pulled back out to the points they stayed shallow but then it started warming up again but they still didn’t move out to the deep water, the main bait this year was crankbait, and then the spinnerbait worked best for me.

Last year it was all about jigs and crankbaits, but as we speak the Bassmaster Elite guys are showing up, the full moon is coming it is setting up perfect for them, my guess is the deep water fish will be the best for them throwing a jig or a Fluke because there is a new stage of fish moving up to spawn again.  With the full moon my guess you will see some 40-pound stringers but its hard to do four days in a row but they have done it before.  Falcon lake is the best lake in the country, and it keeps proving it.

If you have any question about Falcon Lake or Grand Lake you can contact me at my website, or by phone at 918-964-0049.

I’ve included some pics of fish we caught the last couple weeks on Falcon; they are all over 10 lbs




Justin Lamier – 10-pound, 10-ounce Largemouth Falcon Lake


Jackson Sampson – Falcon Lake 11 pounder