Dave Lefebre – 2014 Getting Going

Bucks Falcon Mercury

LefebreBlogWell, it’s January and time to start thinking about bass fishing and tournaments again. It’s been almost three months since I set the hook on a fat pig and I’m ready to rip some lips cause I’m the best there ever was and will be and no bass is safe and they know it and they better not talk smack…sorry I get fired up…call me Sherman. What a ill-mannered young man.

Anyway, my new boat came in last Friday and it’s now being rigged at Vic’s Sports Center, the world’s best Ranger Dealer. I’m getting back into a 21 footer this season and I just can’t wait to get her broken in.

My wife and I are going on our 13th year of traveling the country together and we’re still love every minute of it. Mitchell is now 11 and Macy is 7, so it’s getting a little more challenging as far as school activities and friends back home are concerned. I fear a change is coming soon, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. We head for Florida to participate in a Boys and Girls Club Event and then shoot over to Okeechobee for the first FLW Tour event, leaving the frozen tundra this weekend.

Since the last tournament in the fall, I’ve been doing a little ice-fishing and ice guiding, but for the most part my off-season has been saturated by a new company we launched back on January 2nd. I basically haven’t slept since the end of October, kinda reminds me of my early bass club/buddy tournament/band days, except I’m much older now and it’s a bit rougher on the bod than it used to be.

The company is called Pro Web Live and it has been several off seasons in the making. It’s a huge relief to finally pull the trigger and to be able to offer a service that has never been available to the outdoor world until now. Without going into a ton of detail, the concept is to provide a live seminar with HD quality power point, videos, and photos, while giving participants the chance to interact in several ways with top pros. Guests can even view highly detailed info about products being mentioned through external links and even have the option to buy those items if the choose as the speaker is talking about them. It’s slick.

The idea was basically born due to Macy being born about 7 years ago (thanks May May). My family growing combined with my growing busy schedule, I started thinking of ways I could cut back on flying around doing seminars in order to spend more time with my family, and even potentially be in two places on the same weekend during the busy outdoor show months.

The Internet was obviously my first thought. Everything is on-line, why not live fishing seminars?

I approached 10 of the best fishermen and speakers I knew to gather their thoughts on this concept and it didn’t take long to realize that all my tour pro friends were facing all of the same issues that I was. So after several “off seasons” of working on the platforms required and surrounding myself with the right people to make things happen, we finally launched a product that has evolved into much much more than just a simple online seminar as ticket buyers will soon see.

As a true die-hard fan of this sport, this is something I would want to be a part of and I’m hoping other aspiring anglers will feel the same way.

If you’re interested in more info on that please click here!

I’m off to start packing shorts, sandals, T-shirts, swimming trunks, and whatever else I can think of. We always look forward to this one, can’t wait to fish and see our friends on the FLW Tour.