Zapped – Pro Powered Electronics with Gerald Swindle

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Pro Powered Electronics

Our videos on Advanced Angler are some of our more popular features, and today we are launching a new video feature that is sure to be as popular as our Under the Lid and Behind the Scenes episodes.

That feature is Zapped – Pro Powered Electronics.

Zapped will be a semi-frequent feature on the pages of Advanced angler, and it will go to the anglers themselves to get tips and tricks to getting the most out of their electronic devices.

Our first installment comes from none other than the G-Man, Gerald Swindle. Swindle takes us through his electronics setup on the dash of his Toyota Tundra wrapped Triton and gives us tips on how he sets up the display and settings for sensitivity and depth ranges to maximize his underwater visibility. These tips can be invaluable, no matter the brand of electronics you use.

Next, Swindle shares with us his personal preferences for installing and running his Hydrowave, one of the most exciting technological advanced in fishing.

So, sit back and enjoy Zapped! with Gerald Swindle, as Advanced Angler continues to try and find ways to Elevate Your Fishing to the Next Level.


GeraldSwindleZapped from Advanced on Vimeo.