Ish Monroe – R and R before Bull Shoals

Power Pole

IshBlogAfter a hectic four competition weeks in a row, it was time for some R and R – rest and relaxation.

It’s crazy… last month – with the win; going to Norman, catching them pretty good there. You know, sometimes I realize the baits I have created – how really good they are!

You know Ish’s Phat Frog by Snag Proof; I was catching them at Norman on it. Then the cold front comes through so I switch up to my Biggie Smalls Crankbait in the “I know It” color – everyone should be singing here: “I’m sexy and I know it!”).

And it is just game on! I mean River2Sea and I have done a great job with the Biggie Series Crankbait. SnagProof and I have done just a wonderful job with Ish’s Phat Frogs and I’ve got something coming for you, so look around summertime – you might see a new bait from SnagProof popping up – Ish’s Poppin’ Phattie – and yes, we are calling it the Poppin’ Phattie!

So, it was rest and relaxation for the next week for me. You know, I’m going to get some rest – I’m actually going to sleep in; get some breakfast in me. Along with all of that that relaxation – I’m got myself back in the gym. You know 4 or 5 days this past week I hit the treadmill; lifted some light weights; crunches.

It is hard being on the road and not getting any exercise that you know you need to be in shape to be able to fish another five weeks straight because that is what I have coming up.

So, after my rest and relaxation I will fill you guys in on what went on at Bull Shoals.