Dave Lefebre – Guntersville to Conroe

Bucks Falcon Mercury

LefebreBlogI’m so sick of driving, comes with the job I guess, but glad to be OFF for a couple months. I’m ready for lots of snow and ice!

I just got home from the TTBC in Conroe Texas, where I got my stuff handed to me big time. Congrats to Kieth Combs on winning. I felt good after the 90 degree heat and slick conditions in the 3 day practice period, but when the front, wind, and rain came my deal completely fell apart and I missed the boat on the deep cranking thing. Oh well is all I can say, I had a great time down there as usual, and met some dandy fine people. I hope we go back there again because the deal I was doing in practice will work there at some point. That is truly a great event, probably the biggest one we have in this sport as far as size and fans, I know I’d like to see about 20 of them per year.

The last Tour Open at Guntersville took place just before Conroe and now I’m officially qualified for the 2012 Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Lanier next season….YESSSS!!!!!!! This was one of my main goals as I’ve said many times, so I’m so relieved to get that over with and to be able to fish the Tour Majors with a little less pressure next season. I was close to the AOY again, finishing second for the second time. Congrats to Shin for beating me…but he cant beat me at cornhole at least, lol. Team USA defeats Team Japan on a regular basis throughout the tour season and I expect that trend to continue for many years to come.

In the meantime, tournament season 2011 in finished and there are tons of things happening here locally on the fishing scene, the big crappie and perch are biting, and the bass are putting on the feedbag too. No time to relax, I have a photo shoot in the morning about 2 hours from home and several interviews lined up for the end of the week. I also have to sell a boat, order a boat, and get all my sponsor stuff figured out for next year by the end of the week….hopefully. After all that is done, I can play for a while. The kids are dying to get out fishing, so that’s what I’m really looking forward to asap, maybe on Saturday if the weather cooperates.

I had to eliminate my Face Book profile and start a Fan Page so please head on over there and “like” it. So many people have asked why I stopped being so active on FaceBook over the last couple of months because they stopped getting my updates, so anyway…that’s why. I’m still as active as ever and posting most every day.

Well, now I must get back to work. I still have to unpack the diesel from the last month…what a disaster area!!! I dropped my Ranger Z521 off for the refurb on the way back from Texas yesterday. If you can imagine fitting everything from my boat into the cab of my truck along with everything else I packed…..it’s sick!

I’ll talk to you next week!