Dave Lefebre – House Sold and James River

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LefebreBlogAnyway it’s been a pretty uneventful week just the main thing, the main reason for that is we’ve been trying to sell our house for quite a while now and I just got a buyer and just went through a bunch of paperwork and find everything so, YAY, we sold our house!

So that is pretty much what we’ve been doing, our property that we bought, about thirty miles from where we live, about twenty five miles from where we live and we have just been going back and forth just meeting contractors and just meetings with the bank and all that kind of stuff so that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing, haven’t had time to really prepare for the Bassmaster Open on the James River, the Northern Open.

I’m left for there on Sunday. I haven’t had time to pack up or get ready for that, we are still packed from the last tournament, been home for a week and still haven’t unpacked so, that’s about it, that’s what I’m doing, just busy with the house stuff and so hopefully on Friday or Saturday I will be able to unpack from the last trip to Kentucky and get things organized and ready for the James River.

I am definitely excited for that one, I haven’t fished a Bassmaster Tournament in a long time, and though I don’t really agree with the rules on an Open winner qualifying for the Classic, I don’t like that whole situation, but I got one on Sandusky which is my home water which is about two hours from my house, so I am going to try to take advantage of that strange rule, that you have to fish all three if you want to go to the Classic so anyway, I’m fishing the James, I haven’t been there since 2003 I think for an FLW Championship, and I made the Top Ten there, and I am excited to go back it’s my style – tide water, kind of dirty water.

So that’s it, thanks a lot, hope that’s helpful!