Dave Lefebre – New Hats and Shades New Look for the Year

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LefebreBlogWe have been home from Florida for a week now and although the weather and fishing was awesome, it feels so good to be home and back out the ice. It’s actually getting too warm the last couple days and I’m just hoping the ice can handle it. I went out all day yesterday and for a couple hours early this morning and whacked a bunch a nice crappies, tomorrow could be the last “safe” day out there…we’ll see?

I just got my new official caps in this week. They will soon be up for sale, hopefully by the end of the week. They look pretty good and include most of my 2011 sponsor team, featuring Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes on the front of course. I will let you know on my Face Book page when they become available to the public.

I’ve also got my new Solar Bat sunglasses for 2011, which I really like. They are a pair in a brand new line of officially licensed Chevrolet sunglasses. Since Chevy isn’t my title sponsor this season, this a great way for me to promote them in some way. Chevy gives, and has given a tremendous amount to support the sport we love over the years and we should all keep that in mind when its time to purchase that next truck.

Dave_2011_solar_batThe new Solar Bat line is made in the USA and includes both polarized, non-polarized, vintage, and prescription sunglasses, which I wear. Pricing on Chevrolet sunglasses start at $29.99 and increase to $79.99 with prescription sunglasses ranging from $199.99 to $379.99. Solar Bat sunglasses can be seen on line at www.solarbat.com or you can call Solar Bat at 800-761-8228.

I recently finalized another very cool and exciting deal that I can’t say anything about quite yet, but hopefully in my next blog I can let ‘er loose. Why did I even bother to mention that?…not sure??

Not much more really happening lately. I’ve just been working on TABU Tackle stuff mostly and catching up with emails when I’m not on the ice. Oh, and listening to a few of my BASS buddies complain about their Classic practice, ha ha. Sounds like it might be a little bit tough, but you never know, they always sandbag. I wish I could be down there but I have a commitment this weekend. I’m pulling for fellow TABU Boys, Randall Tharp, and Kelly Jordon! Randall will be using the first samples of the TABU Heavy Cover Series Jigs this week, so hopefully there’s a little bit of a jig bite down there this week!