Dave Lefebre – Crappie and Rogers, Ark. On the Way to Tour Major Number One

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LefebreBlogIt’s been a pretty busy week. I just got home from a Sports Show in Pittsburgh yesterday. Before that, I got back out the ice for a couple days. I busted a bunch of big crappies on Friday. It was cool because it was 60 degrees and they were chewing. There was so much water on the ice it looked like we were walking on the water. The ice melted a lot during those couple warm days, but it was about 20 inches thick, so now that it’s cold again I might get lucky and get to go some more when I get back from Beaver Lake.

Another_Dave_Lefebre_crappieWe are leaving for Arkansas in the morning, if we can get through the snow here and onto the Interstate, we got hammered yet again last night with another foot. Gramps is coming with us. He couldn’t come to Florida because of doctor appointments so I hope the weather is half way decent in Rodgers.

This is our first Tour Major of the season, so I am all freakin’ fired up, even though it’s on Beaver Lake. I really could care less if I never had to fish there again, but I guess that will never happen. I love the area and the fans there, but you can have the lake. Hopefully, since the event is a lot earlier in the season this year the largemouth and smallmouth bite will be a little better than normal. Those little clear water spots make me talk to myself.

Dave_Lefebre_Official_2011_Cap_DealWe are taking the camper and both trucks because we have to tow my new boat home. My boat is finished and sitting at the Ranger factory. I plan to pick it up on Thursday or Friday and hopefully put a few hours on the SHO on Saturday.

I’ve got an appearance at Wal-Mart #100 in Rodgers on Saturday from 2-4 pm and Chevy Pro Night from 4:30-6:00pm and then official practice starts on Sunday. FLW dropped our practice period from 4 down to 3 days, which I like and I think will benefit me this season. I still think 3 days is way too much time, but at least it is better than it was.

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Thanks everybody. Don’t forget to play Fantasy Fishing and follow my practice on FaceBook during the week.