Kerrlicious: Sierra Nevada Trout and Lake Mead

Power Pole

KerrBlogI just got back from a Trout Trip in the Sierra’s. I went up there with five buddies to do some trout fishing. The Sierra Nevada Mountain range is the range of mountains the pretty much divides California from Nevada and is home of some of the most amazing places anywhere. Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and Mammoth Mountain are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to beautiful places whtin the “Sierra’s.”

If you are familiar with the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we fished Mammoth Lakes, June Lake and the Owens River. Over the three almost four days of fishing we caught more rainbow trout than we could count. Of course we caught and released them all. We have five rainbows over five pounds.

Most of the fish we caught were natural and not stocked. These are the fish that travel up from Lake Crowley to spawn in the Owen’s River. They were holding in the deeper pools of the river. They couldn’t stand the slightly bigger min-jigs that we were using. Just before my trip up the mountain I visited Canyon Plastics and loaded up on some small tubes and mini-jigs. The watermelon with red flake was the most successful of the colors.

It’s pretty amazing how much better the bigger jig/tube in this case caught them. All the mini-jigs I have used before were the little ones, crappie jigs. These tubes were a little bigger, almost two-inches and wow. Those jigs were deadly for the bigger trout.

This past weekend I fished the Won Bass Pro Am on Lake Mead. I literally went out there with no practice, I know Lake Mead really well, so I figured I could do OK without much practice. It was a last minute decision. After day one I was in eight place with a little over eight and a half pounds. On day two I lost a bunch of good ones and finished the event in the top ten. Had I landed the fish I had on I would have been right there at the top, but everyone can probably say that. Fishing is not just about finding them and getting them to eat, it often comes down to each anglers execution and ability to land the fish you do get to eat.

Coming up I have a few team events left this year on Lake Havasu and the Won Bass Tri-States championship on Lake Nacimiento in California. Nacimiento is a gorgeous lake and full of both Spotted Bass and Largemouth. It’s going to be one of those tournaments where it comes down to ounces. We’ll see how that works out

Other than that, I am just catching up on stuff around the house here in Lake Havasu. My boat is going up for sale this week, so if you are in the market for a great Ranger Z-520 with a Mercury 250 Pro XS, top of the line electronics and twin Power-Poles check it out. This boat is 100% tournament ready and a great boat. Stay tuned for more on the boat details or email me if you are interested