Video – Massole’s Own ICAST Raw – (Perhaps ICAST Rough Would Be Better?)

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Massole Ahnold PalmahIt wasn’t long after we returned from the 2013 Bassmaster Classic that we were contacted by an individual out of the Northeast who desired to be sort of a roving correspondent for Advanced Angler.  This “gentleman,” who only referred to himself as “The Massole” said he was from the South Boston area, and that as a fisherman in the Northeast, he could provide a unique perspective on fishing.

We previously ran his Southie Style – Under the Lid video, and while we wanted to find a way to bring his unique talents with us to Massole TouchdownICAST, we could not coordinate with our schedules (or maybe it was the authorities in charge of his comings and goings – we can’t remember).  At any rate, Massole eagerly watched our ICAST Raw coverage and felt so much like he was there (in his delusional imagination), that he contributed some of his own ICAST Raw (and we do mean Raw; as in rough, in his case).

Anyway, Here is our latest intro into the Massole Series here on Advanced Angler with the products that he found most popular while scouring the floor of his own personal ICAST in the confines of his own asylu… I mean home during the show last week.


Welcome to Massole’s Own ICAST

Massole discovered a new product that would help keep himself while navigating around some of the area’s rougher neighborhoods looking for fishing spots.

Massole discovered a new product for customizing crankbaits that gives them more of a relaxed appearance which he believes makes predator fish strike more readily.

Here Massole has come up with a new product that will allow him to stay refreshed on some of those long, hot summer days on the ponds around his home in the Northeast.

Massole Came up with his own unique sounds loop for the Hydrowave to activate fish in his area

You mean we’re going to get more from him in the future? Oh please help us…

Remember, Massole is a fictional character, and he is only intended for having a little fun on a Friday.