Dave Lefebre – Homeless and Fishing

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LefebreBlogHey everybody, sorry about my absence over the last few weeks, I’ve just been so busy with moving and trying to fish tournaments in between. My wife’s Mom broke her leg at the same time, life was crazy there for a while there, but it’s finally starting to settle down a bit now.

I guess the tournament news has been crazy as well since I last posted. Hard to believe the Wellman deal, that’s pretty much where I’ll leave that… wow!

I’ve been home now for three days after a long road trip in New York by myself. It was actually the longest I have been away from the kids since they were born, I hope I never have to do that again, I missed them terribly. I went to fish the FLW Tour Open on Champlain, NY where I finished 19th and then the Bassmaster Northern Open where I finished 13th. That wraps up the BASS Opens for 2011, I finished 7th in the AOY surprisingly without any real strong finishes.

My main goal and reason for fishing them this year was not to qualify for the Elite Series (top 5), it was to try to win Sandusky and make the Bassmasters Classic in February. I’m perfectly happy fishing the FLW Tour, it’s quite a bit tougher because of the field size and co-anglers, but I like the way they run things better and the people there are like family.

I’m actually taking a break from packing my clothes right now to write this. I’m leaving for the Potomac River tomorrow sometime. There is an EverStart Series tournament there that starts on Thursday and I just can’t resist going, lol. I love that place, especially this time of year and later. It’s exciting to be fishing an event with no practice, but it could turn out to be a train wreck too, especially if the river is rough and I can’t run around. I have about a six-hour drive from Erie, not too bad.

My last event of the year is in Alabama…yeah! I’m anxious to head to Guntersville in a couple of weeks, I’ll be starting to prepare for that one as soon as I get home from DC. It is the last Tour Open of the four and I’m sitting 5th in the AOY points. The top 5 after G-Ville will earn an early berth into the 2012 Forrest Wood Cup, so it’s a very important week to say the least, looking forward to it.

Well I’m back to work! I’ll talk to you all next week, I have to get back on track here, I’ve been slacking, LOL.