Advanced Tech Video Series – Battery Troubleshooting

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Bass fishing can be – as Forrest Gump said – kind of like chocolate – you never know what you’re gonna get.

So is breaking out the boat for the first time of the spring fishing season.  Some of the things that worked perfectly the last time you went fishing in the fall, may not work so well – or at all -come spring.

One of the biggest culprits of that in a bass boat  can be the battery system.  For some reason, sitting throughout the winter can cause deep cycle batteries to go into permanent hibernation.  To avoid heading out to the lake to find your batteries are bad after you’ve already launched your vessel, a few quick checks can help.  However, should things not be working right, here is another in our video series on boat maintenance and care – Our Advanced Tech series.

Apologies for the tightened frame of view on this one, we were out when we got the call that dad needed some help to check things out, and all I had was my phone to film on.  But, you’ll get the picture.

Hope it helps you get out on the water faster,