Advanced Install – TH Marine KVD Two Way Boat Alarm

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Have you ever been on a fishing trip and felt like you needed just a little bit more security for your boat and the equipment in it and on it?

TH Marine, the marine accessory and OEM company out of Huntsville, Ala. has a line of products that are intended to help keep your pride and joy secure.  From their Loc’R Bar, to their electronic KVD Two Way Boat Alarm, they have the gear that will keep your gear safe.

Today on Advanced Angler, we provide you an Advanced Install video of the TH Marine KVD Two Way Boat Alarm.  This $200 piece of equipment can be installed in less than an hour, and will provide you the peace of mind to rest easy while on the road.   The TH Marine Two Way Boat Alarm system will notify you if an intrduer has climbed aboard and give you a chance to respond so that your hard earned gear stays where it should.

Check out how easy it is to install and use this important piece of equipment on your boat