Ish Monroe – Frequent Flier Miles Adding Up

Power Pole

IshBlogWell, into middle of week four; week number three did not go as planned.  The FLW Cup did not go well at all.

I fished pool four and pool five and it didn’t pan out so I ran to pool three and tried to catch a big enough bag; and I almost did, I needed one more good bite and I would have made the cut for day three, but, you know, that is the way it goes.

I caught my fish on day two with my River2Sea Bling Spinnerbait; which made me think I maybe should have fished it a bit more on day one.  I was trying to Flip the D Bomb, and throw my Snag Proof Phat frog; you know, do my normal stuff, but that’s just the way it goes in fishing.

On to week number four at Lake St. Clair – going from Louisiana to Lake St. Clair in Michigan.  The one great part is United air miles –racking up those frequent flyer miles for a trip to Argentina!

Yeah, super excited about this week and catching smallies – weather is good, so it should be fun.

And then, I’ve got one more week after that and then we are headed back to Cali – looking forward to it, so, this week I will be going out fishing and basically trying to have some fun.

So, until week number five; I will talk to you guys then!