Ish Monroe – RandR and ICAST

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

IshBlogRest – relaxation and ICAST.

Well, you guys didn’t get a blog from me a week before, because I was in Costa Rica.

Got some really good R and R; really needed a break; came back refreshed, rejuvenated to head to ICAST; which is a phenomenal show – new Biggie Series Crank Baits going well so it will be available just about everywhere as well as the Bling being available – so, super, super excited about that!

Really excited about the new Daiwa products, got a bunch of new reels – made my Samurai braided line even better, which I didn’t think that they could do – and they came out with new  rods.

Snag-Proof has released my Poppin’ Frog – so check out my Poppin’ Phattie.  River2Sea has done an  awesome job with the Bumbershoot with John Murray; revamping the Rover with Scott Martin; they did pretty awesome with those baits. So, if you get a chance, check those out.

And now, I flew from Florida to Kentucky and now I am driving to New York and the Lake Champlain EverStart.

I’ll fish there and then immediately to Nealy Henry for the PAA in Alabama and then to the Snag-Proof Open.  And after Snag-Proof Open I am going to get in some more R and R.

So, ‘til then, have fun and good fishin’