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IshBlogWork, work, work! Story of my life!

Anybody that says that hard work doesn’t pay off, has never worked hard, because hard work really does pay off.

Remember that company that I talked about that’s coming out, that new soft plastic company? Well, I signed a deal with them. I am super duper excited to be working with them.

I also worked on a couple of other deals that I’ve got lined up and I got one of those closed, so I’ll be adding a few new sponsors this year, along with SIMMS and River2Sea. You know, things have been great!

Really, really excited about the soft plastics deal though because they’re going to give me a lot of discretion on coming up and designing baits and that makes me excited to get exactly what I want along with the great baits that they have out already.

Preparing for next week – Fish and Chips and then Major League Fishing and then cleaning out my garage and starting on my tackle for 2012; boats are ordered; Yamahas are ordered, ahh, what else?

Gosh, got some new Daiwa products; some new T3 reels have just made it over to the States. I’m really excited about those. Yeah, we’ll be calling it The Terminator all right, because it is going to catch bass.

I did a SIMMS Delta Day last week out there, seeing all the new SIMMS products and the rain gear. If you haven’t checked that stuff out; I know it’s a little pricey, but, you get what you pay for – the highest quality to keep you dry out there.

I’m really excited about the flip flops and the underwear and everything that they have for cold weather and warm weather too. You know, get you out there fishing and keep you comfortable; so you get a chance to check out the SIMMS gear!

Other than that, busy, busy, busy.

Fish and Chips next week and then Major League Fishing and I will give you an update on how fishing goes for Fish and Chips.

Talk to you next week.