James Niggemeyer – Rough Couple of Weeks

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NiggemeyerBlogI just wanted to follow up on the last week or so – fished over at the Douglas Bassmaster Elite Series, event number four and had a really tough tournament.
After day one I was in 59th and like just under 10 ounces out of the cut.

I Really felt like I had chances on day two to get in there – to make it into the cut, but you know, I am not one to normally talk about fish that I have lost, or things that went wrong. We all lose fish in the course of an event, but I had opportunity for five different fish that I think really would have helped me to make the cut.

Seeing those fish that were better than what I had in the live well come off was really disheartening.

Either way, I hope we go back to Douglas. It is a really neat lake; it is obviously one of the Tennessee River impoundments. The guys really, really did well – congratulations to Jeremy Starks for a great job – as well as Britt Meyers; he really did a fantastic job there as well, two consecutive second place finishes for a fellow Bass Cat Team Member.

It has been a kind of tough, difficult couple of past weeks so we left the Douglas Lake tournament and actually took off and had a breakdown issue on the motor home. We lost an air spring and so my wife and the kids were en route to the PAA Tournament at Old Hickory. We got about halfway there and then we had this blowout and they are actually at a motor home repair place and waiting for the part.

The parts normally take about six weeks, but they say they will have it today; but I have been commuting from there to the lake. It’s been a long week, but I am looking forward to Old Hickory; I did well last time we were here in the Bassmaster Elite Series.

It has been kind of a challenge though, I don’t like leaving my wife and kids somewhere unfamiliar typically they are at an RV Park or a state park – something like that. I hate leaving them so far away; but hopefully they will get repaired and meet me at the campground tonight.

So it has been a little bit of adversity here in the last couple of weeks – coming from Table Rock to here. But you know, a big part of our game is mental and that is the challenge right now is to stay mentally positive and definitely taking a stand – keeping a right frame of mind and going out and making the best of each day.

I will keep you posted on how everything works out.