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MurrayBlogMy friend Brandon and I made the drive to Florida from Phoenix last week and got here and settled so that Amy and TJ could fly in on Tuesday. I’m kind of glad we did it that way, because that was a hard three days on the road, and getting here quickly was probably a little easier on them.

I think she was a little out of sorts at first, but now that she’s had time to get settled and get the motor home organized to her liking, I think she’s feeling a lot more comfortable with everything.

Our first night together here was interesting because it was like we were in an episode of Cops or something. We got woken up by three police cars here in the campground, which was apparently because there was some domestic violence thing going on with around here.

John Murray All In - Harris Chain CampgroundThey stopped outside of our campsite and looked around. Amy and I were a little freaked out initially, but it all settled down and turned out alright. Now our only problem neighbor is the hoot owl who seems to have taken up residence in the tree over our motor home.

James and Sandy Niggemeyer and their kids Daniel and Abigail are in the campsite next to us; which is really cool. I remember James from the old days of the western tours, and now to have him and his family next to us in the campground is pretty cool. Plus, TJ and his kids are playing together, which makes things a lot of fun for all of them.

I spent my first morning of practice getting a feel for everything, and the truth is that it will probably take a couple of days to get something figured out. I caught a two and a half pounder right off the bat, and saw a few others up throughout the day, but we’ll see what I can pull together the next couple of days.