Jonathon VanDam – On to West Point

Bucks Falcon Mercury

JVDBlogThe past few days were basically just driving away; I was following Uncle Kevin down, going through Nashville, headed on down towards Georgia! Our destination was West Point Lake in Georgia to kick off the second half of the season for the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Been pretty busy lately; getting some sponsor stuff and working on someone other sponsor proposals and I just did a sports show for my Dad’s store D&R Sports Center up in Kalamazoo, Mich. We did a show there Easter weekend, basically just working out some speaking engagements.

Really looking forward to the second half of the season. West Point should be an interesting one; I’m looking forward to that a lot because that kinda puts everything on an even playing field, because not many people have been there before.

I’m going to go from there to Lake Murray in South Carolina, looking forward to that one too, kinda happy to hopefully get out away from some sight fishing to get away from the spawn a little bit and get the fish off shore a little more for me.

The offshore power fishing bit is a little more my style. I like to get out there and throw my Strike King crankbaits around to offshore targets, and these next two tournaments seem to have a little more of that potential.

We’ll see how it goes; I’ll talk to you next week.