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IronCross-RoumbanisTulsa, OK – Iron Cross Automotive, makers of state of the art aftermarket truck components accessories, has sponsored Elite Series pro angler Fred Roumbanis for his 2014 season.

Roumbanis has been sporting Iron Cross products on his vehicles this season and is very impressed. “What’s not to like about Iron Cross’ products? They give my truck a state of the art look while adding strength and protection at the same time”, said Roumbanis.

Iron Cross is interested in the bass fishing market because anglers have shown a need for strong, high-end truck accessories. Eric Long of Iron Cross expressed this interest, “We are looking forward to getting more involved in the angling community. We know every angler either has a truck or a friend with a truck, and we want them to know about our products. Working with a fellow Oklahoman (Fred Roumbanis) who has an already established career and a bright future in the sport makes a lot of sense for us.”

Roumbanis believes the angling community will embrace Iron Cross. “Angler’s at all levels are a blue collared, hard working crowd that like to enjoy their hobby of fishing, and look good doing it. Iron Cross is the same they are a 100% American manufacturer who work hard and give us quality products. Honestly, Iron Cross and bass fishing are a perfect match, I am happy to be the conduit between the two.”

Iron Cross has also given Roumbanis the task of heading up their pro team. Roumbanis will be working to add several more Elite Series anglers to they Iron Cross pro team. These pros will be running Iron Cross products on their vehicles to show off their style and express the benefits of their fine products. Roumbanis explained, “The bumpers alone are an incredible addition to any truck, they look good, they add protection, and they improve the resale value of the vehicle.”

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