Bobby Lane – Classic Wrap Up Lamenting Decisions Made and Pride in Havoc

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BobbyLaneBlogNow that the Classic is over, I’ll turn my attention to the start of the Elite Series on the Harris Chain next week. But before I do, I think I’ll wrap up a few thoughts from the week and clear my head once and for all.

2011 Bassmaster Classic Day 3 Weigh-in (35)To put the whole thing in perspective, I finished ninth in a Bassmaster Classic; that’s not horrible. I mean, if I was told that I could place ninth at Harris Chain next week in a regular season, I’d be pretty happy with it. But, that was the Classic, and you don’t fish that tournament for second place.

I’m a little frustrated with my decision making process overall. I made my decisions and I did pretty well with everything in consideration. My only problem with my decisions is that I wasted my last practice day by re-running my route to Venice.

I needed to track one additional part of the route; which I ran right away in the morning, and I should have stopped at 8:30AM when I finished the part of the route that I needed. Instead of turning around and fishing close, I continued down all the way to Venice.

I wanted to learn the tides a little bit better, and I should have gone back and fished near the ramp. What is frustrating is that I had decided in my pre-practice research that one of the areas I wanted to check was around Lake Cataouatche. I’m not saying that I would have fished there, or been in the mix to win, but I should have at least gone there and given it an opportunity.

The biggest frustration of the whole tournament was the second day fog delay. I had put a 10:00AM time limit on my running to Venice again, and when they let us go at 9:45, I made the run.

I caught a lot of fish on Venice, and the third day was exactly how I thought it could be. I caught somewhere around 60 fish in three hours and weighed 18-pounds. It was sunny and calm, and they were chewing my new Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty.

Speaking of Havoc, the launch of the deal was really cool; to be on that stage with Skeet, Klein and Ike was something I’ll never forget. I’m really proud of the bait that I have my name on, and have been getting a bunch of comments from people all over the place; it’s a really cool deal.

Anyway, Harris Chain is next week, and I’m really looking forward to getting started. If the Classic showed me anything, I need to keep things simple. I’ll do the best that I can to make the right decisions and keep the clutter in my Skeeter down to a minimum. I’ve found when I do that, I have more fun, and catch more fish.

I’ll go out there and see what I can do, and I’ll talk to you after Harris Chain.