Skeet’s Beat -A Break before ICAST

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SkeetBlogWell, we’re back at home after a week of houseboat camping at one of the nicest places I could ever even think about taking my family for a getaway.

We went to Bullard’s Bar Reservoir, about an hour away from home and rented a houseboat and went camping with our family and friends. It was just the kind of week we needed to get away and relax. We swam, boated and fished; a little, but mainly just had fun.

We went out of Emerald Cove Marina there on the lake, and those people are always so good to us. The lake is amazing, the water is clear and it’s relatively uncrowded and it’s full of BIG spotted bass.

I managed to catch a few good ones in the little time I went fishing. I caught them on a Lucky Craft Staysee 90 jerkbait and a 6” Watermelon Magic Berkley Handpour worm on a dropshot rig. The fish were up shallow because of the high water, and I was able to catch a four and a half pounder, a four pounder and several fish over three pounds.

We got home and we’ve been getting ready for ICAST. I’ll be in the Wright & McGill and TroKar booths on Wednesday, along with a little time with Wiley X for a press conference, then Lucky Craft and Berkley on Thursday.

ICAST is a great place to get an idea about what the trends for the next tackle year will be, and I’m really excited to see what my sponsors are going to show, and how people will respond to the products I’ve been working on.

The other thing about ICAST this year is that B.A.S.S. is going to be making the announcement of the four anglers that the fans voted into Toyota Trucks All Star Week in Alabama. First of all, you guys all made me feel humbled to see my name as the top vote getter in my region as the “polls” were being announced.

I really hope that I held on to have a chance to fish, and if so; it’s because of you all. I’m looking forward to having a chance to go out there and try to end the year on high note. It should be interesting, and I’m looking forward to finding out what you guys said with your votes.

Thanks, and we’ll talk to you after ICAST – Later.