Skeet’s Beat – A Busy Schedule Ahead

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SkeetBlogThis week was one of my few down weeks between the end of the season and the promotional work I do throughout the offseason.

I spent as much time with Kim and the Girls as I could, and my oldest friend Jeff came to town for a couple of days too. We went on a couple of mountain bike rides, and I thought I was going to die before I finally got in the groove. After those daytime activities, we pretty much hung out at the house and talked a lot.

I got the Lucky Craft / Berkley Havoc Big Rig all cleaned up from the grind of the season. Now everything is all detailed and ready to get set for next year. The truck itself will get some maintenance and my Stratos Elite 210 will get the wrap pulled off and get ready to be put on the market.

My goal is to get the 2011 sold quickly, and then I’ll order next year’s boat so that I can get everything ready to go before it gets late into the winter like I did last year. I’ll be putting my order in for the 2012, and pricing out the 2011 for sale, and with everything this thing’s got on it; somebody is going to get a sweet ride.

We took a day last week and went to a Giants versus Phillies game at AT&T Park in San Francisco. If you’ll remember last year, I got the chance to fish with Phillies ace pitcher Roy Halladay, and we’ve stayed in touch. We got to go to the game, then walk down near the bullpen so Kim and the Girls could meet Roy.

Courtney was excited to meet him; she brought her little pink and purple tee ball glove for him to sign, and she was thrilled when he did.

We tried to get there early, but with doing a little tailgating and the walk to the park, we were arriving in the second inning when we heard a loud BOOO! Go through the stadium. The Phillies had scored two runs, and the Giants scored one in the late innings; the Phillies won 2-1.

I’ve got some business travel set up this month. I’m heading to the Forrest Wood Cup this weekend to do some promotional work for Stratos, then I’m going to Florida to film a show with Dave Mercer for his Facts of Fishing show, and then I’ll be heading to Spirit Lake to work with the Berkley Havoc team on some projects.

In between all that, we’ll be dusting off the camp trailer to get in one last hurrah of a camping trip before the girls go back to school.