Skeet’s Beat – Camping, Cows and Disco Fun with Family and Friends

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SkeetBlogWe’re back from a camping trip through the three day weekend.

Our family and two other friends went to the coast. We were going to go to Doran’s Beach, but when we called on the way over, there were only seven sites left. Since we were sure we wouldn’t be able to camp together, we went back to Dillon’s Beach, where we camped over Thanksgiving.

Gratefully, the 700 campers that were there at Thanksgiving weren’t there this weekend, so we had a little more room to move. That wasn’t all the space brought us though, it brought us cows too. There must have been a herd of cattle that with about 200 that settled in the campground.

One of the kids, an 18-year-old named Adam slept in his tent and he got awakened in the middle of the night by something bumping his tent. When he opened the tent, a cow was staring straight at him; he said it scared the crap out of him.

We went out late one night to go try our hand at cow tipping, but they must have gotten smart to it after all of these years. They were either laying down on the ground or standing up awake.

We came back from one of our outings, and there was about a 1200 pound cow standing under our awning licking the table. We were afraid that if we spooked it that it would freak out and destroy everything, so we waited until it left.

We went crab fishing and poke poling for Monkey Faced Eel and had a great big seafood feast on Monday before we left, that was a great meal.

The kids got filthy, they ran up the sand piles and rolled down them, and then when we went over to the Doran Beach area to go use the shrimp pumps to find grass shrimp for crab bait, they saw how much sand the pump pulled up and started spraying it at each other; they had a blast.

The most entertaining night of the trip came Saturday night, probably at the expense of the other campers. We turned the stereo on in our trailer and the girls started dancing, then the moms and finally the dads all jumped in. Before you know it, we had a full blown dance party with 15 kids and adults going on at our campsite.

Then, when it got too cold to stay outside, we turned the Reese trailer into Soul Train, all the way to the strobe light. My buddy Mike is a fire fighter and he had an emergency light with him that flashed and it made for a really cool effect in the camper.

It was a lot of fun, but it’s time to get back to work, the season is getting closer and there’s still more to do before I head to New Orleans. I’m going to be at Cal Expo in Sacramento this Saturday for a day at the ISE Show. I’ll be a part of Kent Brown’s Ultimate Bass Round Table with Ish Monroe, Gary Dobyns, Cody Meyer and a couple other guys, and I’ll be doing a seminar too.

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