A Simple Afternoon of Fishing

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

by Jason Duran

Anglers Picking their Spots

The Anglers Pick Their fishing Holes – photo by Jason Duran

Here at Advanced Angler we spend lots of time trying to help you understand how you can advance your fishing skills. We go through great measures to bring you great information from the top pros in the sport. We spend time researching the new techniques and share with you the tips on how to rig them and even how to fish them. You hear from some of the best of the best here at Advanced Angler.  Do you ever get the feeling sometimes when you are fishing you sometimes just make things too complicated?

Often we spend hours and hours preparing for something and it seems to go by so fast.  Take for instances going fishing for a day.  If you are like me you really look forward to the time you have to just take some time and get on the water.  However, sometimes it seems it’s a lot of work just to have a day on the lake.  Getting the boat ready is for some a huge task.  You have to get the batteries charged get fueled up and hope that nothing needs to be repaired. Then you spend the time getting all the rods ready.  I have spent

The Anglers Fishing

The Anglers Fishing – photo by Jason Duran

hours in the garage just getting things ready.     Whatever happened to just grabbing a pole and just simply go fishing for the afternoon?  This week I decided to do that.

I have recently made the move back to North Mississippi and the weather has finally started

warming up. In my full time job, I work with teenagers and have a group of guys here that really enjoy fishing, they mostly fish neighborhood lakes.  I was really impressed at the fish these guys were showing me pictures of.  So, we decided to go one afternoon.  I didn’t plan for hours what I was going to fish with.  I didn’t spend the whole day before getting the boat ready. Actually I said “hey let’s go now,” then ran home, grabbed three rods and two packs of plastics and drove to a nearby neighborhood.

Reese Catches the First Fish of the Day

Reese with the First Bass of the Afternoon – photo by Jason Duran

We all picked out our spot on the bank and started casting.  It wasn’t long before I saw fish start swirling in the shallows.  One of the guys; Reese, was fishing right next to me caught the first one for the day, and it was a nice one.  I continued to work around the bank, and I was wishing I had a topwater bait with the way the fish were hitting.

Then, out of nowhere I heard someone yell from the other bank “I got one.”  I grabbed my camera and started running. I got there just as Caleb was holding it up a hog. We took some photos and released her back in to the lake. We were talking about how he caught her and then he said that was his first fish. At that point we were really excited for him.

We continued fishing until we ran out of daylight and we all got back in our trucks and headed home.  When I got home I was thinking about what we would have missed if we hadn’t gone? Caleb would not have caught his first fish that day.

While we all love to go out for full days on the water in our boats, sometimes it’s good to take some time and find ways to simplify your life. You may not realize but often neighborhood lakes are some of the best fishing spots.  The lakes around us have many bass in them over five pounds.

Caleb and his first Bass

Caleb Proudly Shows off his First Fish – photo by Jason Duran

These lakes are often the overlooked spots by those of us with boats. So this week take some time put a rod in the truck and just stop buy on the way home for and afternoon of just keeping it simple.

And, if you really want to make some one smile take them with you!