Team Lucky Craft – Kelly Jordan

Bucks Falcon Mercury

LuckyCraftBlogYou know its cold when your livewell lids are “iced” shut. That’s how my partner Jared Miller and I kicked off the “fish” portion of the Fish ‘n Chips tournament on Grand Lake. We solved the problem by pouring some lake water on the lids which melted the ice enough to get our first fish into the well. It was actually a pretty nice day, it was just cold about 32 degrees.

The Fish ‘n Chips event was fun, Mark Jefferies of does a great job putting it together and it was fun seeing all of the guys in a little less competitive environment.

As for the tournament Jared and I finished in 17th place after a pretty rough start in the poker end of the event. The fishing was good with most of the fish we caught coming on a Lucky Craft RC 1.5 or 2.5 square bill crankbait in shad patterns. We did catch a few on a Buzzbait & Spinnerbait in the event as well. We caught some nice fish with a couple of solid 16 pound days but, we just couldn’t get that kicker fish to move up in the standings.

Coming up I will be headed out to fish the Ultimate Match fishing show which is hosted by Joe Thomas, refereed by Mark Randolph and Fish Fishburne is the analyst. If you haven’t seen this show you should check it out as 12 anglers are bracketed head to head in elimination matches. Both anglers fish from the same boat with four 90 minute quarters. Each quarter the anglers switch ends of the boat. There aren’t many rules other than not crossing to the other half of the boat so almost anything goes out there. I think the filming we are about to do will air early next year on the Outdoor Channel.

Other than that, I’m just itching to get out in the woods for some good South Texas hunting very soon!