Advanced Angler on the Water from Neely Henry – Episode 2

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

In’s On the Water series, our managing editor Dan O’Sullivan films his efforts learning h0w to figure out how to fish the Coosa River impoundment Neely Henry Lake.

In this second episode, O’Sullivan studies his map to find a starting spot and how to adjust to something else when his first thoughts didn’t work out.  After spending more than an hour on the first spot, O’Sullivan makes a move and begins to start getting bites, then finds himself locating cooperative fish in a neckdown around a bridge.  The real star of the episode is a 3/16-ounce Davis Baits HBT Shaky Head tipped with John Murray’s signature Gene Larew TattleTail worm on a Lew’s Cutom Speed Stick and Team Lew’s Gold 3000 sized reel filled with braided main line and fluorocarbon leader.

AdvancedAngler’s On the Water Series is presented by Greater Gadsden Area Tourism.