Advanced Product Review – Abu Garcia Veritas 6’9″ Medium-Light Spinning Rod

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by Rob Lever

When first asked to review the 6’ 9’’ medium-light Abu Garcia Veritas spinning rod I knew I was in for a treat.  The reputation of the Veritas line is that of a light rod with the backbone for almost all situations you can encounter on the water.  Being a smallmouth junkie I knew this rod would be a great addition to my drop shot collection.

The Veritas is made with Nano Technology that is said to provide greater impact resistance than standard graphite rods.  This design is said to prevent nicks and dings so the rod is harder to fracture.   The 30-ton rating on the graphite results in a lighter rod with greater sensitivity. The fibers in the rod are also said to be stiffer which transmit vibrations so you can feel more strikes.

I  paired the rod with an Abu Garcia Revo S size 20 spinning reel and brought the rod out to a sports field to get a feel for the set up.  When in your hand you will notice a split grip that fits perfectly in your hand.  One of the advantages of the grip is in the weight photodepartment.  Combined with the 30-ton construction you will be amazed with the weight of the rod.

It is pretty obvious that Abu Garcia’s plan was to make a finesse rod that could hold its own in the strength department.  The combination of a fast sensitive tip and a stout mid-section puts your mind at ease while using this rod.  There is no doubt that this rod can perform under the stress of catching a heavy fish.

After actually taking the Veritas through its paces on the water, I’m just as happy with my first fishing trip on the water with the item as I was with my initial tests.  The casting accuracy was amazing even with light tackle normally thrown on a drop shot.

I was easily able to cast long distances with very little effort.  This put very little stress on my body that will help make more casts through the day.  The 6’ 9’’ stature of the rod is perfect for fishing deep water structure.  You are able to feel every move of the lure and even use the sensitive tip to see the line take off when a fish hits.

Veritas Rod BendI eagerly awaited my first bite and when I saw that line jump I knew it was time to set the hook.  With very little effort, I was able to set the hook and have it penetrate nicely with just an easy over the top motion.  The overall experience was great because I was able to feel the fish during the whole fight.  The bend of the rod kept constant pressure so the fish was not able to spit the hook.

A drop shot is not the only use for this Veritas.  Throughout the day I was able to throw multiple finesse type techniques with soft plastics.  Those included Flukes, Trick Worms, grubs, and a Shakey Head to name a few.  Having this rod eliminates the need to carry multiple rods for your finesse needs.  The biggest advantage is the space savings by cutting down your rod quantity.

My overall experience with this rod was great.  It exceeded my expectations from the very beginning and showed why it has such a great reputation.  The $100 price point for this is well worth it and you should expect to enjoy much success on the water.

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