Video Pro Tip – Straightening Bent Swimbaits with FLW Rookie Pro Billy Hines

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Swimbaits can be very expensive, and storing them can be cumbersome and inefficient.  The result of the situation is that these high priced, soft plastic baits often take a set with a slightly twisted or heavily bent tail, and

2017 FLW Tour Rookie Pro Billy Hines with some Clear Lake bass taken on swimbaits – photo courtesy FLW

they end up becoming unusable.

Billy Hines from Vacaville, Calif. will be a rookie pro on the FLW Tour in 2017.  Being from California, Hines spends a significant amount of time tossing swimbaits, and as a result, spends a lot of time tuning and making sure they swim correctly.

In this Video Pro Tip, Hines shows us how to boil and repair swimbaits to help them swim better and save money in the process.