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Press Releases and Images provided by Wright & McGill Co. Lazer TroKar

Now that the Fourth of July is behind us, the thoughts of the fishing industry turn completely towards Orlando, Fla. No, we are not heading down there to party with a six foot cartoon rodent; we are, however, planning to celebrate new innovations and quality products.

The occasion with which we gather is the 2012 ICAST Trade Show presented by the ASA at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. ICAST is a media, exhibitor and buyer only show that sets the tackle buying trends for most of the 2013 tackle year.

The companies that are exhibiting have been working to prepare their new wares next week as the show commences on Wednesday; but some of the participants will also be there on Tuesday to vote on the Best of Show Awards for the New Product Showcase.

We’ve reached out to some of the players to see if they have anything new that they want to let us give a little sneak peek at before the doors open. The first company to jump on that chance is Wright & McGill Co. and Lazer TroKar.

As they have become known for since their 2009 release of the Lazer TroKar hooks and the Skeet Reese rods, the Denver, Colo. firm has once again pulled out all of the stops to make sure that their ingenuity and innovation is on display once again.

Here are a few of the items that will be hitting the shelves soon.

For decades the name Roach has been associated with competitive and successful Walleye angling and now that name is also synonymous with the pinnacle of Wright & McGill’s new Tony Roach Signature Series of Walleye rods.

Tony’s years of experience and determination to create the ultimate rod for each of his favorite techniques, has driven Wright & McGill to new heights in rod design. The combination of Tony’s incredible knowledge and creative angling techniques, combined with Wright & McGill’s Micro Honeycomb and S-Curve blank technology, has created a series of technique specific actions that will change the way you fish!

These new medium light to medium heavy action Walleye rods are available in eight different models. Five spinning and three casting rods ranging in lengths from 6’2” up to a 9’4” telescopic model.

These rods deliver the ultimate in peak performance and value. All are under $100 and have a lifetime warranty.

W&M Stock # Description M.S.R.P.

WMTRW62ML1 W&M Tony Roach Walleye Rod Rigging/Jigging 6’2″ ML Spin $99.99
WMTRW68ML1 W&M Tony Roach Walleye Rod Rigging/Jigging 6’8″ ML Spin $99.99
WMTRW68MLPJ1 W&M Tony Roach Walleye Rod Power Jigging 6’8″ ML Power Jig Spin $99.99
WMTRW71S1 W&M Tony Roach Walleye Rod Power Rigging 7’1″ ML Spin $99.99
WMTRW77S1 W&M Tony Roach Walleye Power Bobber 7’7″ Med Spin $99.99
WMTRW80C1 W&M Tony Roach Walleye Bottom Bouncer 8′ Med Cast $99.99
WMTRW86C1T W&M Tony Roach Walleye Trolling 8’6″ Tele Med Cast $99.99
WMTRW94C1T W&M Tony Roach Walleye Lead Core Trolling 9’4″ Tele MH Cast $99.99

W&M Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb and S-Curve Rod Additions
Wright & McGill Co. is proud to introduce three new W&M Skeet Reese casting models in Micro Honeycomb and S-Curve actions.

The first new model is called the Skeet Reese Alabama Rig rod. It’s 7’5″ long and ready to make long, accurate casts with heavy Alabama Rigs. Rated to 40 lbs, this will be your go to A Rig rod! Made with strong and sensitive Micro Honeycomb blank technology it is light for all day casting comfort.

There are two new Skeet Reese S-Curve rods. Both use the powerful S-Curve blanks and are technique specific so you’ll know you have the right rod in your hand for exactly the way you fish.

The first is the Punchin’ rod is rated to 80 lbs and will be your go to rod for flippin’ heavy jigs into extremely heavy cover and will allow you to quickly remove large fish from the toughest conditions made.

The second is the Magnum Swimbait rod and will allow you to make extremely long casts using the largest swimbaits made today. At a full 8′ long, this rod is rated to 40 lbs and you’ll never feel like you’re under gunned with casting large baits.

The entire Skeet Reese product line has undergone a cosmetics update and you’ll love the new features and colors. Subtle changes have been made but you’ll still know you’re fishing the #1 Bass rod in the industry when you break out your yellow lightning rods. Go Fish!

Stock # Description Length Line wt. Lure Wt
WMESRMAR75C1 W&M Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Alabama Rig Rod 7’5″ 15-40 1-3 1/2
WMESRPR711C1 W&M Skeet Reese S-Curve Punchin Rod 7’11” 50-80 1 – 4
WMESRMSB80C1 W&M Skeet Reese S-Curve Magnum Swimbait Rod 8’0″ 20-40 1 – 3

W&M Rick Clunn Casting Reel
Wright & McGill Co. is proud to introduce a new casting reel to complement the successful Rick Clunn Crankin’ rods that were introduced last year.

These new 10 ball bearing casting reels feature a removable spool, a smooth and powerful drag and lightweight EVA handles for comfort and fatigue reduction.

The new reel also looks as good as it performs with its custom turquoise crackle finish that complements the Rick Clunn series rods perfectly.

Key Features – W&M Rick Clunn Casting Reel
• Nylon & glass frame for durability and weight reduction.
• 10 stainless steel ball bearings – 9 + 1 design
• Unlimited anti-reverse
• Removable aluminum spool
• Quick access side plate
• Magnetic anti-backlash braking system
• Powerful and smooth graphite drag system
• Audible click star drag
• Precision cut brass gears
• Aluminum handle and lightweight EVA paddle
• Line capacity 120 yds of 12 lb.
• Line retrieve per crank (in.) – 23 inches
• Available in right & left hand tetrieve
Stock # Description Handle Bearings Spool Gear Ratio Weight
WMRCC62CR W&M Rick Clunn Crankin’ Reel RH EVA 9 + 1 Alu 6.3:1 6.9 oz.
WMRCC62CL W&M Rick Clunn Crankin’ Reel LH EVA 9 + 1 Alu 6.3:1 6.9 oz.

Lazer TroKar Wacky Worm and Walleye Re-volve Hooks
Team TroKar refuses to give in to mediocrity, which is why they have unveiled the TK97 & TK97W Wacky Worm hooks.

These two new designs from the brain-trust at Lazer TroKar are gnarly instruments ready to ferociously penetrate any fish species that dares to cross its path. Built with their legendary Q741 wire and unstoppable sharpness, the TroKar wacky hooks are giving tournament anglers reason to pause and evaluate their current setup.

The TK97 is the ideal wacky worm hook. Expertly designed with an extra wide gap to accommodate worms of all sizes, the spacing provides ample room to position baits perfectly for horizontal presentations. The up-eye and point angle of the TroKar wacky hooks provides for increased hook-up and retention rates.

The TK97W takes the design and function of this technique one-step further by adding a pliable nylon weed-guard that enables anglers to fish heavy cover for bass that are suspended in the water column. Same great design, shape and sharpness as the TK97, but with the added benefit of fishing weedless!

The Lazer TroKar TK97 & TK97W have an MSRP of $9.99 and a varied piece count per size.

New for 2013 is an expansion of TroKar offerings fit for today’s modern walleye enthusiast.

The TK220 Re-Volve Rotational Shank hook has been developed in conjunction with renowned walleye expert Tony Roach. Tony lives and breathes Walleyes 365 days a year on Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota, so he knows how to make a wicked Walleye weapon!

The TK220 produces an alluring rotational action when fished in combination with leeches or either artificial or natural worms. Built on a frame made from TroKar’s unique Q741 wire, the strength and durability of the Re-Volve hook allows for unprecedented muscle and holding power.

The Surgically Sharpened Technology implemented on the TK220 presents the opportunity to capitalize on strikes that previously would have resulted in a missed hook-up. Available in sizes 4 – 1/0, the simply sinful action coupled with the dreadfully sharp point of the TroKar results in a Walleye hook without equals.

From what we hear, the brands have some other items that they are keeping under wraps until the time the show opens as well. Sounds like it may be an interesting show with some tremendous additions for Wright & McGill Co. and Lazer TroKar