The Adventures of Massole – Under the Lid – Southie Style

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Massole Life Jacket

Masshole Reminds us of On the Water Safety

With the absolute intensity of today’s bass fishing world, it’s nice to see the other side of the coin every once in a while.  In a world dominated by $70,000 bass rides and $100,000 paydays, we sometimes forget the roots of fishing.  Well, today we get a reminder.

A fan of Advanced Angler for the Northeast, a passionate angler name Masshole, from the Boston, Mass. area shares with us his own special Under the Lid; a tour of his high tech fishing machine.

For a moment, overlook the Dunkin Donuts debris and the discarded beer cans and look inside the heart of a true Southie original and see how an angler on the verge of breaking into the big time does things.  (Actually, don’t look too deep inside, it might be a little scary).

Anyway, enjoy our own little break from reality in our Hump Day Hilarity version of the Friday Funnies as we take part in the Adventures of Masshole; a true Southie Original, as he goes Under the Lid – Advanced Angler style – in the first of a series of Adventures of Masshole videos coming to the site throughout the year.  It’s gonna be Wicked Pissah!