Underwater Sounds – Courtesy of HydroWave and Gene Eisenmann

Bucks Falcon Mercury

We have often wondered about the noise we make when we are in our bass boats.  In fact, about a month ago, we started thinking aloud with some friends of ours about the sounds that are made, how they differed from our perceptions of them, and more importantly, what effect they have on the fish under the water.

We’ve all got thoughts on the subject, and we have expectations of the cause and effect relationship our presence on a body of water has, but unless we get in there and experience it for ourselves, we are just making assumptions.

HydroWave, the company who manufactures the electronic baitfish stimulator units so many of us have on our boats, has been able to use their hydrophone and record some of those sounds of both boat noises and lure noises underwater. Gene Eisenmann, the Managing Partner of HydroWave put together a project to help us all, and ee figure if we are curious about these things, then so are many anglers out there; so why not share them with you.

There are two videos, and we share them in order here.

Underwater Sounds – part one

Underwater Sounds – part two