Dave Lefebre – New Home on our Minds

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LefebreBlogI haven’t written in a few weeks, but believe me you haven’t missed anything
exciting at all. Anne and I have been on the run literally every day picking
sidings, flooring, gutters, stains, rocks, doors, and you name it. I have not
fished one time since I got home from Texas more than 3 weeks ago, possibly an
all time record. Many of our major house decisions have been finalized now and I
hope to be posting some big walleye and crappie photos very soon. I can’t wait
to get out the water. It’s been very cold lately, but we are supposed to get up
near 70 degrees this weekend. I’m going to stock my new Igloo Yukon 150 quart
cold locker with meat this weekend and I’m not coming home until its full,

Anne and I finally got a little break from the craziness today and
walked down to the beach (Lake Erie). We are trying to figure out some creative
things to do with the rocks and driftwood on the beach around our house. Anne
wants to make our kitchen backsplash with beach rocks and possibly even our side
walks, so we’ll see? I was thinking maybe we could use Zebra Mussel shells or
fish bones. I have never seen so many shells on the beach, they must have washed
up from Sandy. Based on all the little footprints everywhere, it looks like the
raccoons are enjoying them.LakeErieVisitFootprints

I have been doing a lot of writer interviews, I’ve got a couple
more tomorrow, and then a photo shoot on Saturday morning. I’m in the process of
selling my 2012 Ranger and also getting everything lined up for my 2013 boat.
For the first time in about 5 or 6 years, I’ll be running something other than a
Z521. My new boat will be a Z520C, a totally new design with a bunch of new
features…it is a bad machine! It will again be powered by Mercury and with all
Lowrance electronics, 10ft Power-Pole Blades, and of course my flashers.
Lowrance HDS units are totally redesigned with touch screens, and the 10ft
Blades are new for me as well.

My sponsor lineup looks like it will
remain similar, with the exception of a small change or two, which I cant really
talk about yet. I will also be adding another unique piece of equipment to my
boat, something I expect is going to take the tournament world by storm. Mine
will be the first Ranger to have one of these devices on board, and I’ll be sure
to show it off once it has been installed.

I hope to talk to you again
next week!