Stephen Browning – Trophy Kansas Whitetail Hunt

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BrowningBlogHey gang, this is Stephen Browning.

I want to talk to you about chasing
trophy deer. I came all the way to Kansas for my annual bow hunt; to come out to
southeast Kansas to chase trophy whitetails and I have been very fortunate for
the last two years to take what I consider to be a trophy class

I got a deer last year that scored 147 and one the year before
But when you start chasing trophies you have to understand that you have
to go where they live. I bow hunted for almost thirty years before I killed my
first trophy and like I say, it is the same way with fishing I went a long time
– I went about to probably about the age of twenty before I caught my first
eight pounder, which in Arkansas was a good one!

But you know, you have
to put yourself in those areas where trophy fish live and those areas of the
country where trophy whitetails live, and you know, it is very important
because, you know, your odds are better.
You know, you always want to go
where the odds are in your favor; that’s the reason I’ve chosen out here in

And, you know, whether it is a ten pounder is your goal for a
trophy bass or a 100” trophy whitetail; whatever your trophy is, put yourself in
those places where trophies live!

Like I said earlier, it took me a long
time to catch an eight pound bass, much less a ten pound bass, but over the
years that I have been a professional fisherman and traveling across the country
fishing some really good waters I have been able to surpass the ten pound mark
several times – my largest was a twelve pound five ounce fish that actually came
out of a trophy managed lake.

So, you know, whether you are chasing
whitetails or ten pound bass; or whatever your vision of a trophy might be, put
yourself where the odds are in your favor and you know, chasing a trophy may
become a reality one of these days.
Ya’ll stay with me here – I’m going to
give you an update in a week or so to let you know if I caught up with my trophy
whitetail in Kansas.

While I’m thinking about it, I will be doing little
update posts on my new facebook page – Stephen Browning Outdoors. Keep up with my trophy whitetail
hunt there, and I’ll talk to you soon.