Zona’s Awesome Blog – Three Weeks Filming Chavez, The Legend and “Kevin”

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ZonaBlogI just finished a three show shoot for Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show this week, and I’m not gonna lie to ya’; my ass is draggin. The Z-Train’s runnin’ outta coal.

We’ve just finished filming a show at Sam Rayburn, one at Toldeo Bend, and another in Little Rock. The best way to describe them was that two of them were blowouts, and the other was a 6-3 grinder at Soldier Field. It was cold, and I want to say that I got a suntan, but I think it’s more like wind burn.

In Texas I fished with Jason Reyes, whom I call “Chavez,” we’re like brothers. I also fished with “The Legend” Harold Allen, and the truth is, I’m Harold re-incarnated; we’re the same, only a few years apart. Then, I went to Little Rock to do a shoot with Kevin Short, whom I simply call “Kevin.”

Mark_Zona_Harold_AllenOne of them was an old school blast, I had four GLoomis Flippin’ Sticks on the deck and I’m not kidding when I say this, I had a hundred torn up Rage Tail Lizards on the boat. Gotta call up Strike King – “Hey Chris Brown, I need some more Lizards.” That shoot was a blast, I was like a slightly more tolerant, slightly more overweight version of Tommy Biffle; we pounded them.

We went to those lakes as kind of an old school nod to the lakes that made Texas famous. Nowadays the glamour lakes are Fork, Choke Canyon, Amistad and Falcon, and we wanted to show that the other lakes are still awesome, and I think we did that.

Now that these shoots are over, I’ll be able to turn my focus to the Bassmaster Classic because the majority of our 2011 season is in the can. I’ll have a couple more shoots in March around the spawn, but we’ll be looking ahead to New Orleans and the Classic mainly.

Mark_Zona_Kevin_ShortI’ll still be doing a few appearances with Kevin VanDam at Bass Pro Shops until then, but, my mind is already drifting to the swamp.

The football season is over now that the Bears are out of the playoffs. At the beginning of the season, me, Jakob and Hunter write down our predictions for the Super Bowl, and I wrote down the Steelers and the Packers; I wish I was wrong. I have tickets to the Super Bowl, and it would have been fun to see the Bears instead of the Cheese heads, but I’ll still have fun.

I’m highly bummed that I wasn’t at home to watch the game with my boys, they asked if I was going to make it, and I told them I didn’t think so. Oh well, I was there to mourn with them on Monday. I only have five words to say about the Bear’s and Packer’s game the other day; Jay Cutler, emotion and leadership, that’s all I have to say about that.

Now that I’m home, I’m cold again; Karin just told me the temperature is about eight degrees.