Dave Lefebre – Steelers and the Road Super Bowl Berths and on the way to Okeechobee

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LefebreBlogSuper Bowl Baby! What an awesome game, especially since I didn’t spend half of it in the bathroom again, lol. We’ll be in Florida during the Super Bowl this year and made sure to bring all our jerseys and Terrible Towels with us. I think (hope) that Pittsburgh is going to smash Green Bay on turf in Dallas. Wallace should have a big game for sure. 37-17 Steelers!

Lefebre_Mitchell_Terrible_TowelWe are actually on the road right now. Anne’s just started to drive, we are about 12 hours from Clewiston and plan on stopping around 7 or 8 tonight somewhere around the border. We are all together for a change on this trip, all in the Diesel just towing the camper. Since I ordered my Ranger so late, it will not be ready for the first event so I have to borrow a boat. In a way that stinks but on the other hand, anytime we get the chance to be in one truck we take advantage of it.

I’m looking forward to the tournament; I packed very little tackle since we plan on heading home for a week right after the tournament. You don’t really need that much stuff at Okeechobee really this time of year anyway. One of my main objectives is to get a feel for the new Dobyns sticks in practice and find out exactly what I will need for the season and different techniques. I can’t wait to catch some real fish on them.

We are camping at Okeechobee Landings, which is a great place with lots of fun stuff to do for the kiddies. We are hoping to head to the beach on Thursday or Friday before practice begins too. We are excited to be taking a break from the cold and snow, it’s been a wicked winter so far, I do plan on doing some more ice-fishing when we get home too, the fishing usually gets better later in the season.

Well that about says it all. We are all feeling better finally. Everyone in the family got whatever I had last week so it’s nice to all be healthy again and heading south!

Talk to you before the first tournament starts next week, hopefully I’m on something strong!