John Murray – Phoenix and Beyond

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MurrayBlogHome, I’m back in Phoenix! My boat is dried out and I’m unpacked. TJ and Amy are back and I am off to Las Vegas for the ABA Championship up at Lake Mead this week.

I am fishing it with my partner Steve Molinari from Cabela’s; it is one of my favorite tournaments of all year; fall bite on Lake Mead.
We usually always get bad weather and it looks like we are going to get bad weather again, but the lake has come up another ten feet from the U.S. Open, so
I am looking forward to get up there.

I’ve got River2Sea’s 3/4-ounce Crystal Spin and a Crystal Buzz along with a Rover 128 topwater bait on. So I am going to do some shallow water fishing and covering some water; I think those fish will be up in the bushes this time of year up there as opposed to the Open when they were a little deeper.

Anyway, I’m packing up and getting everything ready; looking forward to getting up to the Sunset Station at Mead and fish for four or five days; see if I can figure out how to catch a few of those big ones and try to do well in the tournament.

It’s great to be back out West. It’s good to be home, and I wish we had a big circuit out here so we didn’t have to drive back East, but, it is what it is and I am happy to be heading to Lake Mead.